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Az. Agr. Monastero San Biagio s.s.
Vocabolo Lanciano 42, 06025, Nocera Umbra (PG)
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Your Happy Day


in the perfect place


A monastery from the year 1000 as a frame to make your dream come true, a historic residence set in the most beautiful Umbrian hills and the passionate dedication of a staff who will be at your complete disposal.
Organizing a wedding is a rather complicated business and choosing the right location is the first step to be able to live the most important day of your life in the best possible way.


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Panoramic Terrace

Our panoramic terrace overlooks one of the most evocative landscapes of Umbria.
Spectacular hills that turn into a perfect canvas where you can paint your own work of art.
Here you will find the spaces and availability to create the perfect event.

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A magnificent room where you can welcome your guests who will be impressed by the beauty and charm of ancient colors and architecture.
Our chef Mario will be able to offer you the best dishes of Umbrian cuisine and beyond, making each recipe only with typical local products to ensure quality without neglecting the presentation.

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Our Brides&Grooms

"Francesco and I had less than three weeks in total to organise our wedding before going back to Cambodia, where we currently live. It was the height of the wedding season with lots of venues already booked to catch up with years of postponed plans, Covid was still menacing the dreams of any bride and groom, and no one had a clear idea of what was possible to do and what not. Everything was pointing in the direction of tons of stress and failure, BUT WE FOUND L'ANTICO MONASTERO DI SAN BIAGIO. It was our first choice but we thought it impossible to book on such a short notice. But we were wrong! The luck, the sheer, pure luck. I cannot stress more how fantastic our experience with them was. The team made the entire affair easy-breezy, fun and light hearted while they took care of absolutely everything. 

First of all, Serena, the manager, with her zen attitude, achieved to have everything ready at the very last minute without ever raising an eyebrow: table setting, list of guests with their respective greenpass, flowers disposition, guest rooms, kid chairs, options A and B in case of rain or too much sun - anything you can think of. Then, Lucia and Vania even managed to find me a hairdresser the night before the big day! Those women are powerhouses! And they are fun, oh so much fun to have them around during the event. They feel like family.

At the same time, Chef Mario came up with a full mouth-watering vegetarian menu that pleased all of our guests - and us in particular as it was fundamental for us to respect our beliefs on this important day while having something delicious to serve to our friends and family coming from all over Europe. All ingredients were locally harvested, with many coming from their own veggie garden, while we had the amazing opportunity of serving beer brewed in the adjoined brewery. The wine was from local vineyards as well, and the cheese was the best of the best from the region. A special mention goes to Angelo, the head waiter, who, with great experience, charmed his way with all of our guests and navigated us through the different phases of the meal, making sure that us newlyweds could enjoy ourselves and the food too.

At last, I cannot forget to mention the cake - a delicious millefoglie decorated with grapes from the estate - and the final "brindisi" on the terrace with a breathtaking panorama laying before our eyes. The venue, ah the venue... Trust me, you will not find a more stunning background for your wedding photos, and your smiles will tell."


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Thanks to your professionalism, which has been able to take care of every little detail, which has welcomed and pampered us, reality has exceeded the imagination giving life to something extraordinary, making this special day unforgettable for us and for our guests.


Vida & Paolo.

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