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Take good care of your body, it's the only place you have to live.


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Center for Regeneration and Wellness


Where the essence and oriental philosophy of purification joins the tradition of western treatments.



The Regeneration and Wellness Center is the heart of the Ancient Monastery.

A perfect combination of Eastern arts and Western disciplines able to offer a unique and unrepeatable experience.

The inspiration has its roots in the history and centuries-old traditions of our places, from the "Herbario Novo" by Castore Durante to the tradition of the Apothecary Monks.

Medicinal herbs, oils and extracts, water and clay from Nocera Umbra are key elements of our treatments and paths that give our guests a new balance of body, mind and spirit.

Our experts will be able to advise you on the wellness and relaxation experience that best suits your needs.

Among the most popular: "Path of the Waters", "the Ancient Rite of Hammam", Ayurvedic practices, hot sacks with medicinal herbs and the "Bed of Hay and herbs", for couples.

Wellness Treatments


The Hay

The Pilgrim's Rest


Immersed in a relaxing and evocative atmosphere, the gentle roar of the water and the scent of sweet orange oils will project you into the Maghrebian hammam.


A soft cloud of soap will envelop you in a sweet massage.


The scrub with a special glove will reactivate the microcirculation and make your skin regenerated and soft. 

The well-being of Nature with simple elements.
A hay bed to completely relax. Warm hay tablest are carefully placed to give you muscle relief, to reactivate the microcirculation and to worl at the osmotic level of the bones and prepare your body for a total massage.

The essential oils of levander and resemary will help you to completely relax by calming down your mind and taking you back in time.

It takes its origins from an ancient practice of washing the foot of the pilgrim who was welcomed, after his long journeys, by the Benedictine monks.

You will therefore be immersed ina timeless place where peace and relaxation are the masters.

A practice where your feet will be the protagonists.


Body Treatments

Facial Treatments


Every treatment is taken care of to the smallest detail. 
It can be combined with a wellness program, a total body massage or it can be done separetely.

The products of our partners will make your treatmen unforgettable.

The massage is one of the most important practices for taking care of your body and mind.

With its multiple benefits you can choose among many proposals, the best that could suits your needs.
Massages can be combined with wellness programs or received as a single treatment.

Even the body treatmens fully reflect the style and philosophy of the San Biagio Wellness Center.

We work with Nocera Umbra Clays up to the scent of the East.
The union between East and West make each treatment suitable for living a unique experience of its kind.


Water Path


Preparation with hot ablutions in the 37° dry room (Tepidarium); Sweating in the steam room (Calidarium) with the use of black soap that helps cleanse the skin and eliminate toxins; Rebalancing of the temperature in the Idrorelax tack at 36°; Detox herbal tea in the Octagonal room.

60'/55 € per person


Hammam & Karitè


Water path with Detox herbal tea in the Octagonal room; Regenerating body scrub with Kassa glove on a heated marble bed; Exciting Turkish Ceremony with Natural Soap; Body oiling with perfumed essences.
150'/160 € per person 



Light Path


Couple Massage with candles


The warm light of a candle, vegetable oils and butters that melt and slowly slide over the body.
A sweet mix of fragrances and pleasant emotions that inebriate the senses.

Sweet and warm herbal tea from the Monastery.

40'/155 € the couple


Ritual of Head, Hands & Feet


The Way of the Pilgrim

Steam bath with Turkish bath, hydrochromatic tub, Riposo del Pellegrino (foot scrub and washing with cervical, head and foot massage based on St. John's wort oil.

100'/135 € per person


Detox Path

Wellness treatment to back on track body and mind.

​The treatment includes the Hay bed (30 minutes) + draining massage (30 minutes) + detox herbal tea tasting.
60'/100 € per person

Detox Path



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