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HALF BOARD (3 courses, appetizer,first,according to, drinks not included)

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WELLNESS “Hydro-therapeutic” Method St. Blaise: (hydrotherapy jets, bandage personalized and spa tub)

It 'an extraordinary journey with surprising effects on the whole organism, wrinkle reduction, hydration and skin cleansing, reactivation of metabolism, reactivation of deep circulation and hepatic drainage, reduction congestion of organs visceral. Improved function digestive. Has expectorant action of the mucus respiratory system. Removes debris toxins in tissues, creates a rhythmic massage muscle. Relaxes profoundly. Induce rest . Very Well insomnia.


WELLNESS “Earn-termoterapico “Method San Biagio: (with footbath, hydrotherapy jets,compressed abdomen and bed of warm herbs, thermal bath)

To make life energy and heat the entire organismo.È used as antispasmodic and as sedative chronic pain. It is effective in case of contractures and muscle spasms. Has the property of stimulate organic functions, acts effectively digestive action of the liver. Rilassa tensions, promote sleep.


WELLNESS “Boulder-fitoterapico” Method San Biagio: (Refle, footbath, ablutions, heat, oleazione body,Brushing, compressed abdomen with massage, treatment shu points and herbal decoctions back, bathtub)

Move your body, massage with alternating applications of the various zones. Instills a general feeling of relaxation and wellness psychophysical, produce un positive effect on the psyche and instills greater energy. reducing rigidities and thus obtaining greater fluency and wellness.