The first center with anti-stress herbal ancient practices

  • A Unique Place Exclusive between Nature and Silence

    A’ Uncontaminated oasis deeply Regenerating and Greet.

  • A temple dedicated to Wellness

    Food for Body Mind Emotions

  • the virtues of herbs

    Revive the ancient art of the Monks Apothecaries, Welfare through the application on the body of Medicinal Herbs, Water and Clays.


    A Path, A’ Experience, A holiday farm entirely Custom

  • Symmetries Measures Proportions

    Environments realized according to the “Sacred Geometry” to enhance the feeling of wellness and deep relaxation

  • Special atmospheres

    Using Frequencies rebalancing, Sound, Perfumes, Colors, to meet Relax Peace and Tranquility

  • Genuine Products

    Quality raw materials and in KM 0

  • 12 rooms for a few close

    Essential sober looking

  • Incanto environmental, local traditions and cultures Monastic, San Biagio is a synthesis of all these natural factors.
    The ancient recipes herbal and holistic disciplines of care and well-being of the body and spirit, in the heart of the Bio-Environment, returns values ​​and modern needs of daily life.



A.D. 1333.

Indulge in true luxury to pull the plug, finding the perfect place.

The ancient Monastery of San Biagio is a “Black Pearl”nestled in the lush vegetation, a place out of the world, but one step away from the world where we consider our home one of the most beautiful places in the world, rare oasis, uncontaminated, where the undisputed master is silence, and where every day we are dedicated to protecting these little ordinary conditions of peace and tranquility, strongly regenerating, favorable to your and our relaxation. Environmental Enchantment, Local Traditions and Monastic Cultures, San Biagio is a synthesis of all these natural factors. Events and weddings. Nocera Umbra – Assisi


-1 You'll find plenty of quiet, Be Quiet, Pace, Tranquility, conditions for Resting, Relax and Recharge deeply .

-2 You will enjoy an exclusive and unique "Center of Regeneration", Inspired by the ancient art for herbal body beauty, mind and spirit.

-3 You will be accompanied by a team specialized in programs Anti Age, Depurative, Fitness, Relaxing, Regenerating.

-4 Will experience the herbal products used for the applications, prepared in our laboratory, Medicated oils, Herbs, cream, soaps, herbal teas, herbal remedies to KM O.

-5 a kitchen at 360 °. Gusterai, pasta rolling pin to roll and cut by hand, homemade desserts, crisp vegetables and tasty, selected meats, biodynamic wine, craft beer, of our production, quality raw materials to KM O. Our guarantee is that you will eat very well.

-6 You will live in a private location, but just 5 minutes from the most important lines of communication, favorable and central to the achievement of the main cities of Umbria.

-7 You will feel free from the form, at ease, living in a refined but casual, sober, simple, researched in detail, that express harmony and wellbeing.